Not a Dream Story

Published by Cleaning Up Glitter. 

It started two decades ago. I dreamt a dream almost identical to what had happened earlier that day. I was twelve.

In the dream, as in reality, I was delivering a very important letter. It was a letter to my father. I’ve been writing letters to him every week for the previous two years, ever since he moved away to what my mother called “the special healing place,” and what I’ve since learned is called “rehab.” For most of those two years, I received a weekly letter in return.

On this day, the day of the first Big Dream, he had been dead for five days. But I would not let that alter the letter-writing routine. I had much to tell him.

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Mount P.

Published by Cagibi and Briars Lit.

Put your fears and skeletons away. Put them down, down into the heart of Mount Pleasant, which stands at a pleasantly quaint 120 meters above sea level and which contains a long-held secret. The secret can be found in the rock wall that flanks the road that curves around the National Zoo, past lions’ roars and children’s shrieks: a crick in the stone.

To the eye of a stranger, this crick is naught but a chink in need of cement filler. But to the residents of Mount Pleasant, it’s so much more.

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The Meaning of Leaf

Published by the Book Smugglers Den

This is a story about a leaf named Finnegan.

In the beginning, all Finnegan knew was the red of his mother, and the red knew all of him. She hummed songs in the evening, whispered dreams in the morning. She painted over everything. Every shape, every word, every thought was red. You never know how many different shades of red there are until you live in a world where there is nothing else.

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Published by Linden Avenue Literary Journal

When will you get down from that gingko tree?

You know the answer.

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Swedish Fish Oreos

Published by McSweeney’s Internet Tendency

Hello, nice to meet you. My name is The World’s Greatest Oreo Fan.

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Honorable Failures

“Invisible Animalia”

University of Louisville’s The Calvino Prize: finalist


Rising Tides: Climate Refugees in the Twenty-First Century. Published by Indiana University Press, 2017

Articles at Media Matters for America, 2013-2016

Op-ed in The Washington Post: “Corruption is drowning the District. Rebuilt integrity with climate leadership.” July 2019

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